• C-tech draws on multiple disciplines in developing innovative ideas for energy engagement.

  • Who is responsible for energy use?
    Can we identify who is using energy?

  • How can we put energy data in context and make it meaningful?

  • Can we get people to work together to change their energy behaviour?

Creating the Energy for Change is a 5 year research project led by Alexa Spence that is investigating innovative ways of dividing up and representing energy use in shared buildings so as to motivate occupants to save energy. We are now coming to the end of this project, you can see our key findings in our final report here.

Providing energy feedback can be problematic in shared buildings and here we focus on workplaces, where many different people interact and share utilities and equipment within that building. It is often difficult to highlight who is responsible for energy used and difficult therefore to divide up related costs and motivate changes in energy usage. We propose to focus on these challenges and consider the opportunities that exist in engaging whole communities of people in reducing energy use.

Creating the Energy for Change is funded as part of the buildTEDDI programme of research projects funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

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